Disaster Cluster Approach: A Study of A New Model of Disaster Response


  • Maktoom Almalki Emergency Department, King Fahd Medical City
  • Majed Alwahabi Emergency Department, King Fahd Medical City
  • Salem Alammi Disaster Management Department, King Fahd Medical City
  • Yousef Alawad Emergency Department, King Fahd Medical City
  • Sharafaldeen Bin Nafisah Disaster Management Department and Emergency Dispatch Center of King Fahd Medical City




Disasters; Disaster Planning; Health Cluster



The current models of disaster response focus on international collaborations and assistance. However, little is known about the Saudi health cluster's disaster preparedness and response model.


This study aims to describe disaster response steps and elaborates on the administrative structure, timeframes, challenges, and recent lessons learned.


We reviewed the current disaster response model of the Saudi Arabian health clustering system. Pre-planned data was reviewed, and disaster contact personnel were contacted for further details. In addition, we portray a recent actual response scenario of code brown of electricity failure, including early activation and subsequent evacuation.


Three main criteria for determining the emergency response levels are bed capacity, the number of patients affected, and the event's propensity for escalation. Five activation levels are already in place, ranging from local hospital disaster unit response to the involvement of National response led by the Kingdom’s leader. Hospital readiness to receive evacuated patients was tested in a real scenario, and an uneventful evacuation was carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cluster design.


Overall, the new disaster response model has overcome some reported challenges. However, several challenges still exist, and system evolution is expected.




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Almalki, M., Alwahabi, . M. ., Alammi, S. ., Alawad, Y. ., & Bin Nafisah, S. (2023). Disaster Cluster Approach: A Study of A New Model of Disaster Response. The Journal of Medicine, Law & Public Health, 3(3), 257–262. https://doi.org/10.52609/jmlph.v3i3.85



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